Free Moog Matriarch Samples Vol.2

Free Moog Matriarch Samples Vol.2

Moog Matriarch Free Samples Vol.2 is a free sample pack (worth $50) featuring different sound elements and sounds.

Matriarch Moog Free Samples is an exceptional collection of sounds tailored specifically for discerning music producers looking to elevate their productions with a touch of analog magic. Packed with a diverse range of Matriarch Moog samples, this sample pack is designed to cater to various genres, moods, and production styles.

From lush pads and atmospheric soundscapes to punchy basslines and cutting leads, the range of Matriarch Moog Sounds in this pack is truly impressive.

The Matriarch Moog Samples included in this collection are meticulously recorded and processed to ensure the highest possible fidelity. These samples can easily be imported into your favorite DAW or sampler, allowing for seamless integration into your workflow.